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Hera is a high-end South Korean cosmetics brand that has carved a niche in the luxury beauty sector. Currently, they’re celebrated for their innovative skincare and makeup products that combine modern trends with timeless appeal. Their reach extends beyond Korea, marking presence in major global markets. A highlight is their signature cushion foundation, favored by many beauty enthusiasts worldwide. The brand operates under the umbrella of the Amorepacific Group, one of Asia’s largest beauty conglomerates. Embracing a modern, sophisticated aesthetic, Hera captures the essence of contemporary beauty in the global arena.

Meaning and history

Hera, established in 1995, quickly emerged as a beacon of luxury in South Korea’s cosmetics scene. Born under the vast expanse of Amorepacific Group, South Korea’s leading beauty conglomerate, Hera was conceptualized to cater to the modern woman, blending traditional Asian aesthetics with contemporary beauty ideals.

In its early days, Hera captured attention with unique products, embracing innovative formulations and packaging. Their dedication to research and development was evident, leading to pioneering products that set industry standards.

By the 2000s, Hera started gaining international traction, making headway into global markets. Their foray into international waters wasn’t just a mere expansion; it was a strategic move to position themselves as a global luxury beauty brand.

While ownership remained consistent under Amorepacific’s wing, Hera’s production saw transformations. Collaborations with global designers for limited editions and adapting to international beauty standards while retaining their Korean essence became a hallmark.

A pivotal product that bolstered their global image was the cushion foundation. Launched in the 2010s, it blended Korean skincare with makeup, revolutionizing beauty routines worldwide.

Throughout its journey, Hera maintained a keen focus on sustainability, aligning production methods with eco-friendly practices, and championing causes that resonated with the brand’s ethos.


Hera Logo

The word “HERA” spelled in bold, black uppercase letters. Each letter is finely crafted, showcasing a fusion of classic typography with a modern twist. The overall design emanates an aura of elegance and minimalism, perfectly representing the brand’s luxurious identity.


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