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The word “vaseline,” which is often used as generic for petroleum jelly, comes from the name of the US brand of petroleum jelly-based products that belongs to Unilever. Taking into consideration the 150-year history of the product, it is only natural that the Vaseline logo has been updated more than once.

Meaning and history

Vaseline Logo history


Vaseline Logo-1872

The original design featured the word “Vaseline” in an all-cap type with elegant serifs.


Vaseline Logo-1928

Now, all the letters except the initial were lowercase. The name of the brand was placed over a yellow stripe. The stripe was placed inside a thick yellow ring with the gray filling.

Logo Vaseline


Vaseline Logo-1969

The Vaseline logo is blue and white. The roundel is gone, while the capitalization stays the same. During this period, you could come across a logo with or without serifs.


Vaseline Logo

The white wordmark featuring a simple sans is placed over the blue ellipse with its left and right sides cut.

Font and color

The traditional and professionally executed Baseline visual identity uses a simple yet confident and stable sans-serif typeface for its white title case logotype. The font of the Vaseline wordmark is very close to such fonts as Hypersans Extra Bold and Langtone Heavy. The lettering looks dynamic and vivid due to the light gray shadow and a slight gradient.

The blue and white color palette of the Vaseline visual identity stands for expertise, professionalism, and reliability of the world’s famous brand, reflecting such company’s qualities as trustworthiness and protectiveness.