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Decepticon is the name of a fictional characters created by Marvel. The creatures first appeared in The Transformers comics series, launched in 1984. Decepticons are robots, who fight Transformers, the evil side of the famous franchise, which today is known across the globe, not only as comics but also as a cartoon.

Meaning and history

Decepticon Logo history

1984 – Today

Decepticon Logo
This logo was created for the first edition of Decepticons in 1984, and it’s still in use today. It mostly consists of sharp, angular shapes, including the central piece that resembles an arrowhead. On its each side, there’s an isosceles triangle separated from the main head by blank space, hinting at the robots’ shifting nature.
The shapes are supposed to look menacing, but it’s also a direct reference to what Decepticon robots usually transform into: aircraft. The central element looks exactly like a nose of a plane.

1993 – 1995

Decepticon Logo 1993

The emblem of Decepticons hasn’t changed much throughout the years, it is very recognizable and has its unique style and character. Moreover, the logo of the antagonist robots has been a part of The Transformers’ visual identity for more than a decade, after the first release of the series.

The emblem of the Decepticons is a stylized geometric mask, composed of several figures with straight lines and sharp angles. The triangular face of the creature is usually executed in blue and has two large white triangular eyes, along with white space between the blue geometric elements.

Depending on the placement, the white space between the logo parts can be thinner or thicker — thus, when placed in a white background, it looks lighter with more white details, but when the background boasts black or another dark color, white elements turn into thin lines on a blue mask, which also gains a double blue and white outline.

When the symbol was placed on the Transformers logo, it was executed in different color palettes, depending on the style of the wordmark, so the iconic mask could be seen in red and silver, yellow and red, a blue-red-white tricolor, and gradient purple. Today the Decepticon emblem is sometimes also executed in a three-dimensional style, with the use of gradient blue or purple shapes and a light solver or white outline of its voluminous geometric elements.

Decepticon emblem

Whatever the color palette of the emblem is, it is instantly recognizable, and not only by fans of the famous franchise. The Decepticon logo is sharp and modern, which is a rare thing for a symbol, created more than three decades ago.