Cheetos Logo

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Cheetos Logo
Cheetos is the Frito-Lay label of chips-snacks, introduces created in 1948. The brand is extremely popular across the globe and is distributed over all the six continents.

Meaning and history

Cheetos Logo history

The Cheetos visual identity has changed a lot since its first version designed in 1948. A modest white wordmark on a red oval background has barely anything in common with super bright and dynamic yellow nameplate from the 2000s.
Until 1998 the brand’s name was written in two parts, Chee-tos, and the color palette was not stable from one redesign to another. The logo of 1998 became a basis for the Cheetos visual identity we all know today.
The Cheetos logo is composed of a bright yellow wordmark in a custom rounded typeface. The letters are smooth and bold, and the orange accents on them add playfulness and dynamics. The black outline of the Cheetos inscription makes the logo brighter and eye-catching, while the rounded shapes make it friendly and fun.
Cheetos Logo
The yellow color palette represents the brand’s product, commonly lived yellow chips and the brand’s mascot color – Chester Cheetah, who was created in 1986 and became synonymous with the brand. Chester appears in all the Cheetos packaging and advertising, making the brand’s visual identity more colorful and lively.