Nutella Logo

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Nutella Logo
Nutella is an iconic Italian brand of a chocolate-hazelnut spread. It was established in 1963 and today is the label of one of the most famous chocolate manufacturing groups — Ferrero.

Meaning and history

Nutella Logo history

The name of the brand, Nutella, is derived from English “nut” and a Latin suffix “Ella”, which was used in words with “sweet meaning”. Today it is one of the most recognizable brands in the world.
The Nutella logo was designed in 1964 and didn’t change much by today. It is composed of a simple wordmark, written in all lowercase lettering with the use of a traditional sans-serif typeface.
The most individual detail of the Nutella logo is its color palette. The first “N” is colored black, while the “utella” part is all bright red. Placed on a white background, the color scheme makes one of the most classic combinations — black, red and white.
Nutella Logo
This palette always symbolizes a powerful and strong brand, which is progressive and reliable. The black color is a reflection of authority and expertise, while the red shoes passion and energy. The white background represents loyalty and trustworthiness.