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Danfoss is a company specializing in products and services for a variety of industries, from cooling food and air conditioning to powering mobile machinery. Its logo is an example of unbelievable loyalty to the company’s roots. If you take a look at the wordmark used in the 1950s, you will be surprised by how similar it is to the current one. This approach comes with certain drawbacks, though.

Meaning and history

The current Danfoss logo features the name of the brand in an artistic typeface imitating handwriting. The letters are connected with each other. The wordmark has a calligraphic touch due to the difference in the width of the strokes.

Danfoss Logo

Probably the most distinctive letter is the “D” with its bold, dynamic curves. It is the only character that is capitalized. In fact, there are quite a few elements working for the overall dynamic impression, apart from the “D.” For instance, the very script used for the wordmark looks as if the word has been written very fast. The long stroke below the name of the brand contributes to the same impression. The line is oriented slightly above the horizon, which creates an optimistic feel.

We can mention, however, that the Danfoss logo has a drawback, which partly results from its impressive age. A decent modern logo is better legible, easier to grasp, and more meaningful. You can often see an emblem or a distinctive type, which helps to instantly recognize the brand and (ideally) creates an association with the type of products or services it delivers.

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