Polk Audio Logo

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Polk Audio Logo
Polk Audio is a San Diego, California-based company specializing in audio products. Its most popular products are home and automobile speakers.

Meaning and history


The original Polk Audio logo featured the lettering “PolkAudio.” Although the two words were written without space in between, the color and type helped to break the word down into meaningful parts. “Polk” was red and was given in a bold font, while “audio” was black and showcased a lighter type.
All the letters were lowercase, which, in combination with the rounded ends of the glyphs forming “Polk,” added a friendly, personal touch.


Polk Audio Logo

The personal theme has grown much more prominent in the modified logo. It has become almost explicit due to the heart emblem that has appeared on the logo. The heart in white is placed inside a red circle.
On the one hand, the design looks totally generic both in terms of the shape and the palette. It creates an obvious connotation with Valentine’s Day.
The circle on the emblem can be interpreted as a representation of a speaker. The heart, in this case, can be interpreted as the sound going out of the speaker – the sound you love because of its quality.
The updated typeface features rectangle-based glyphs. The top diagonal bar of the “k” is lower than the tops of the “p” and “o.”
The new Polk Audio logo was developed in collaboration with the San Francisco office of Frog Design, a global design consultancy headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States.