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Damiani is a high-end jewelry and watches brand, which was established in 1924 in c. Today the company has over 50 stores across the world and is globally rec-ognizable and loved by celebrities.

Meaning and history

Damiani logo

The legendary Italian jewelry house, named after its founder, Enrico Grassi Damiani, used his signature as a logo for quite a long period of time.

The Damiani cursive handwriting was executed in bold lines, evoking a sense of freedom and creativity. Later the brand changed its logo style to a more traditional one but kept the original inscription in the emblem.

The Damiani logo was composed of a wordmark in all capitals executed in a serif typeface with the hand-written “D” enclosed in the oval frame and placed above the lettering. The tagline “Fine Jewelry” in a thin elegant serif font was placed under the nameplate.

The current Damiani logo is the most minimalist of all three. It features a single wordmark with a delicate tagline. The Damiani nameplate in all capitals is written in a bold and classy serif typeface, which is close to the Didot family. The “Handmade in Italy Since 1924” tagline uses a simple sans-serif font, which balances the main inscription and adds light to the whole logo.

The monochrome color palette of the Damiani visual identity adds elegance and sophistication to the company’s logo and allows placing it on all the possible back-grounds.

Damiani still uses its signature “D” in some collections, but the laconic modern logo-type is being used by the brand more and more.

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