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The moment people first see the Dainese logo, they ask themselves: “Is it a red devil?” The short answer is “Yes.” Now let us discover the longer one!

Meaning and history

The history of the company started in 1968, when Lino Dainese, who was twenty back then, visited London on a Vespa. During this trip, he made up his mind to start a business designing and manufacturing protection for motorbike riders.

In 1971, the earliest drafts of the brand’s emblem were designed. In comparison with the current logo, they were much more explicitly diabolic – there were more details. Some versions showcased a full devil, while others featured only the head. In many cases, the creature was holding a wheel. According to the brand’s official website, the design showcased “a speed demon as a symbol of dynamism and rebellion.”

Dainese Emblem

In comparison with such predecessors, the current Dainese logo looks by far less controversial, although it has often been the reason why Dainese products have been rejected.

Devil flower and other “diabolo”-themed emblems

The company has used the “devil” theme very often in its products. One of the comparatively recent and well-known examples is the Dainese Settantadue line of retro-inspired gear, which is called Dainese72 in the US.

Dainese Logo

The logo was developed by New York-based artist Othelo Gervacio. The so-called Demon Flower was inspired by the Tacca Chantrieri, an exotic plant native to Asia. The plant is also known as the “black bat flower” (it has a peculiar shape and black flowers).