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Infineon is a German public company, one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of semiconductors with headquarters in Munich, Bavaria. The firm used to be a subdivision of the conglomerate Siemens AG under the name of Siemens Semiconductors. In April 1999 it was registered as an independent company Infineon Technologies AG, although keeping tight connections with its corporate parent. At present, the company’s products are used in industrial, automotive and multimarket sectors. Infineon has about 41 thousand employees in many countries of the world working in its 17 manufacturing and 37 research and development locations. Infineon’s year revenue in 2019 reached a level of 8 billion euros.

Meaning and history

Before the company was split from Siemens AG, its products had the official logo consisting of the name of the trademark “SIEMENS” made in white colour on a scarlet red rectangle. The block letters of the brand name were made in a font most close to the commercial Dialog Pro Extra Bold.

Logo Infineon

The current Infineon logo was developed after the company became independent in 1999. The main part of it is the brand name made in bright cobalt blue colour. The letters of the wordmark are written in a font most close to the commercial FF Meta Std Condensed Bold, although its graphics have undergone some modifications: the letters are more elongated in height and their outlines are not connected to each other. The inscription begins with a capital letter and, the point of which is disproportionately enlarged and through it passes an arcuate line in deep red colour, encircling almost the whole wordmark. The arc line is similar to an incomplete ellipse; it is widest to the left of the wordmark and fades towards its ends.

Infineon logo

Infineon logotype is associated with the high quality of the company’s products embodying advanced technology which, according to the official Internet site, achieves more, consumes less and is accessible to everyone, making life easier and safer.

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