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Curious George is the name of a book series about the little monkey. The first book was written by Margaret Rey at the beginning of the 1940s and by today there have been several movies and tv-series created based on the original novel.

Meaning and history

Curious George Logo history

1940 – Today

Curious George Logo 1940

The Curious a George visual identity is simple yet very warm and cozy. Its classic logotype, designed in 1940, is still in use nowadays, just in a bit modified and cleaned version.

The original logo, introduced in 1940, was composed of a red cursive script lettering, enclosed in a blue rounded frame with the monkey’s portrait on top. Written in a title case, the wordmark features a delicate black outline and shadow, which added strength and solidness to it.

The monkey was facing right and smiling, evoking a playful and friendly feeling and representing the main hero of the novel, George, and his adventurous spirit.

This original logo is still in use today along with the new one, simplified version, which consists of a single wordmark.


Curious George Logo 2004

2006 – 2015, 2018 – Today

Curious George logo

It is a brighter and bolder version of the first logo, where the letter lines are sleeker and the black shadow is thicker and more visible.

Curious George Logo

The red, black and white color palette makes the logo look bright and warm, evoking a sense of energy, motion and making it interesting to every reader to get to know the main character of the book and his adventures and openings.