Crotone Logo

Crotone Logo

While the logo of the Italian football club Crotone has been undoubtedly inspired by the coat of arms of its home city, it’s far from a replica. The FC Crotone logo reshapes the city symbol turning it into a unique and instantly identifiable football badge.

Meaning and history

Crotone Logo history

One of the club’s earliest emblems is just a copy of the heraldic emblem of its home city. In 1986, this badge was replaced by a three-pointed pennant, where the city’s emblem was positioned above a football. The background featured blue and reddish stripes.

Symbol evolution

Crotone Symbol

While the 2000 Crotone logo sported the silver tripod from the city’s coat of arms, here it had an utterly different design and style. Moreover, instead of the two serpents on the tripod, now there were two sharks, which were placed on the right and the left. Below the tripod, a stylized sea wave could be seen, while the name of the club was placed above. The background, once again, featured blue and red stripes.

Current emblem

Crotone emblem

The current logo is just a modification of the one described above. This time, the overall shape of the emblem is an oval instead of the original shield, while the yellow fields and letters have been replaced by the white ones.


logo crotone calcio

The red and blue stripes that have been a recurrent pattern on the club’s logo come from the players’ uniform. The colors of the shirts, in their turn, were borrowed from the crest of the city of Crotone.