Cropp Logo

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Cropp Logo
Sometimes even a single unusual detail is well enough to make a design unique and memorable. The logo of the Polish apparel brand Cropp is a good example.

Meaning and history

Cropp is one of the brands that belong to LPP Spółka Akcyjna, – a clothing company based in Poland. The company also owns such labels as Reserved, House, Mohito, and Sinsay. It has outlets in over 25 countries.
Cropp is a streetwear brand aimed at the younger audience. Its collections are often inspired by pop and hip-hop culture, from graffiti to urban sports.
Logo Cropp


The Cropp logo is just the name of the brand. The design forces behind the wordmark opted for a pretty bold type with a heavy angular shape. The rounded elements on the “C,” “R,” “O,” and double “P” have been replaced by cut angles. This is why the wordmark does not have prettiness or elegance of any kind – instead, it offers a fresh and independent vibe.
The “O” standing on one of its cut angles is the detail that gives a distinctive touch. The glyph seems to protest against the rules. This goes perfectly well with the brand’s core promise. Just compare the Cropp logo with the description of the brand on the website of its parent company: “aimed at young rebels… who live their own way, and the clothes serve to emphasize their individual style.”