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Hy-Vee is a renowned American supermarket chain, founded by Charles Hyde and David Vredenburg in Beaconsfield, Iowa. It emerged from a small general store to a major employee-owned grocery provider across the Midwest, emphasizing exceptional customer service, health, and variety. Hy-Vee stands out for its commitment to quality foods, health and wellness services, and community involvement, making it a staple in the regions it serves, with a slogan that champions a helpful smile in every aisle.

Meaning and history


In 1930, amidst the rustic landscapes of Beaconsfield, Iowa, Charles Hyde and David Vredenburg embarked on a retail venture, laying the cornerstone for what would become Hy-Vee.

Their vision was simple yet revolutionary for the time: to offer unparalleled customer service and a wide array of products under one roof, while fostering a sense of community. This ethos was encapsulated in their motto, “A helpful smile in every aisle”, which continues to resonate across their operations. Over the decades, Hy-Vee has evolved from a modest general store into a sprawling network of supermarkets dotted across the Midwest. This growth was fueled by a unique business model that emphasized employee ownership, ensuring that those who worked at Hy-Vee were not just employees but stakeholders invested in the company’s success.

Hy-Vee stands as a testament to American entrepreneurial spirit, integrating food retail, health services, and community engagement in a way that has endeared it to millions, making it more than just a supermarket chain but a cornerstone of the communities it serves.

What is Hyvee?
Hy-Vee is an employee-owned supermarket chain that has woven itself into the fabric of the American Midwest since 1930, offering a diverse array of groceries, health services, and community support. Renowned for its commitment to exceptional customer service, Hy-Vee operates with the ethos of bringing a helpful smile to every aisle, making shopping not just a necessity but a community experience.

1952 – 1955

Hy-Vee Logo 1952

The logo presents a bold, dynamic font that spells “Hy-Vee”, conveying a sense of reliability and tradition. Above, the slogan “IT PAYS TO SHOP AT” suggests value and smart consumerism. Below, “FOOD STORES” is encased in a dark banner, affirming the brand’s industry. The entire design has a vintage feel, reflecting a classic era of American retail.

1955 – 1963

Hy-Vee Logo 1955

This updated Hy-Vee logo maintains the distinctive, robust lettering of its predecessor but introduces a significant new element: “100% EMPLOYEE OWNED” emblazoned below. This tagline not only underscores the company’s ownership structure but also promotes a sense of pride and investment directly linking the staff to the store’s identity. The logo’s stark black and white contrast remains, ensuring the brand’s legacy while signaling its unique business philosophy.

1963 – 1994

Hy-Vee Logo 1963

The logo transitions to a striking red, a color often associated with energy and passion, perhaps reflecting the company’s dynamic approach to customer service. The typeface is less ornate and more straightforward, aligning with modern design principles of clarity and boldness. Absent is the previous declaration of “100% EMPLOYEE OWNED”, suggesting a shift to a more streamlined brand image that focuses solely on the Hy-Vee name. This simpler design could be aimed at ensuring high visibility and memorability.

1995 – Today

Hy-Vee Logo

In this iteration, the Hy-Vee logo returns to highlighting its “EMPLOYEE OWNED” status, showcasing this unique aspect of its corporate identity. The typography is modern and sleek, with a circular element linking the ‘y’ and ‘V’, symbolizing perhaps the unity between the company and its employees. The inclusion of the registered trademark symbol indicates a maturing brand with a solidified market presence. The red color remains, suggesting a consistency in the brand’s image and values.