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Gainward is a private company specializing in personal computer hardware. It was founded in Taiwan in 1984 and since then have been producing PC video cards. In 2005 the company as well, as the trademark “Gainward”, was acquired by Palit Group, one of the major suppliers of graphics cards and solid-state drives for personal computers in the world market. Today the firm has its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, but also has a European branch based in Munich, Germany.

Meaning and history

Gainward logo

The main logotype of the Gainward brand, used from 2005 until now, is concise and straightforward. It includes an emblem consisting of a black circle with a white ring around it and a white block letter “G” in the centre. To the right of the emblem is situated the name of the brand starting with a capital letter, “Gainward”. The colour of the wordmark is steel grey with a 3D look. The outlines of the letters are very close to the commercial font BOOM with some changes introduced to its graphics. Thus, there are gaps in the crossbars of the “A” letters and the head of the letter “R” is bisected so that its bowl is wide open at the bottom. The letters of the wordmark are lower in size in the centre of the word and higher on its both ends. Under the brand name, the logo has an inscription “beyond your senses” made in a much smaller size.

Logo Gainward

In addition to the main emblem, Gainward has special logos designed for several special series of its products. There are four major of them. The Ghost series has a logo depicting the head of a sombre ghost made up of a white shadowy figure of a skull against a grey background in the form of a hood. The Pegasus series has the image of a white rearing winged horse. The phoenix series is marked by the white image of a phoenix bird with raised wings. And the logo of the Phantom series is a black mask with one white eye and one light blue.

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