Mississippi RiverKings Logo

Mississippi RiverKings Logo

The timeline of the Mississippi RiverKings logo started in 1992 when the ice hockey team was called the Memphis RiverKings and ended in 2018 when the franchise folded.

Meaning and history

Mississippi RiverKings Logo history

Fans usually associate the RiverKings with their turtle logo. The team used it for four seasons when they were the Memphis RiverKings and for eight seasons as the Mississippi RiverKings.

The first Mississippi RiverKings logo was unveiled in 2007 when the team changed its name. It was based on the Memphis RiverKings signature mark. The logo depicted the same green turtle with a hockey stick and a beige crown on its head. The only difference was that the turtle appeared in the new logo with teeth due to which it looked fiercer. The “M” in the crown referred to Mississippi.

The inclined wordmark in beige below the turtle featured the team name. The “Mississippi” was in uppercase letters of small size, while the letters in the “RiverKings” were much larger.

The 2015 Symbol

Mississippi RiverKings Symbol

In 2015 the RiverKings redesigned their logo. A black and white shield with a stylized letter “M” in white color replaced the turtle. The banner below has the inscription “RiverKings”. They still keep the symbol of “royalty” ‒ the crown.