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Cmovies is the name of a website that provides its visitors with a wide variety of movies, series, and tv-shows, available to watch online with no registration or payment.

Meaning and history

Cmovies is a website with a huge collection of movies and series in all the possible genres. There can barely be someone not able to find the video of his interest here. The platform is easy to use on all devices, with the menu organized simple, and convenient.

What is Cmovies?

 Cmovies is the web portal of movies and series, which are available to watch online for free. The website provides its visitors with all the latest releases, and here you can find literally any movie you want.

In terms of visual identity, Cmovies is a very bright and confident platform. The logo is composed of two independent parts — the main emblem, which is used on all the pages of the website, and the clean yet distinctive icon, for mobile devices.

2021 – Today

Cmovies Logo

The Cmovies primary logo is executed in a delightful orange and white color palette, and placed on a plain black background in order to create a strong contrast and add “juiciness”. The capital “C” is cut out on a solid white square, placed on a gradient orange banner with the right side cut diagonally. As for the “Movies” part, it is set in bold sans-serif title case letters, going out of the orange banner borders, overlapping the black background.

The Cmovies icon uses a completely different color palette: it is executed in green and white, with the small green triangle, standing for the “Play” button, enclosed into a circular frame, in the same shade of green. The triangle is outlined, and the circular frame boasts thicker contours, softening the clean straight lines of the main geometric figure of the icon.

The different styles and colors, used in the Cmovies visual identity, reflect the assortment and wide choice of the content, available on the website, perfectly showing the wide range of videos, the user can find here.

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