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Clatronic is a German brand of family owned manufacturer of domestic appliances and consumer electronics. It was founded in 1982 and today it is a well-known company which operates all over the Europe.

Meaning and history

Clatronic logo

The Clatronic brand’s name is associated with clarity and technology. The company’s logo is a good reflection of it. Custom bold typeface of its nameplate is accompanied by the brand’s emblem.

Clean geometric lines of the logo evokes sense of light and innovation. The nameplate is divided in two parts by the use of different boldness font. The thick letters “CLA” are followed by futuristic, fine and almost transparent “TRONIC”.

Logo Clatronic

The brand’s emblem is also a perfect symbol of brand’s technological quality values. It is a square-framed abbreviation of the brand’s name, “CTC”, with the letter “T” vertically separated in two equal parts.

The monochrome palette adds strength and power to the brand’s identity and evokes the sense of trust and reliability.