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Clash Royale is the name of the online strategy game, which was released in 2016 and by today has already gained millions of players all over the globe. Clash Royale is available for Android and iOS and has a yearly revenue of more than one billion USD since year one.

Meaning and history

Clash Royale logo

The visual identity of one of the world’s most famous online games, Clash Royale, was designed in 2016, with the first release, and hasn’t been changed since then. The image of the game is composed of two official parts — the logo, and the icon, used for the mobile app, thus the icon is more recognizable, as this game is played on mobile devices.

As for the primary logo of Clash Royale, it is composed of a stylized inscription, set in two levels and two colors, but using one typeface, and an emblem, placed in the right from the lettering.

Clash Royale emblem

The emblem looks like a traditional crest with a crown-like triangular top and sharp bottom. The background has a royal blue wooden pattern and a massive gold frame. The main element of the crest is a gradient gold crown, drawn in the same shades of gold, as the “Royale” part of the wordmark. As for the “Clash”, it is executed in all capitals of the same stylized serif typeface, but in gradient silver, and has its letters slightly smaller than the ones from the bottom line.

The icon of the game application can change from update to update, but the official version depicts a caricature portrait of the king, who is wearing a golden crown with square top parts and has his beard and ye brown in black, which makes him look funny and scary at the same time. The yellow by the king represents the willingness to fight and win and reflects the essence of the game.

The portrait is placed on a light turquoise background, with rounded angles, which creates a smooth contrast and makes the whole image brighter and more memorable. Though sometimes the Clash Royale logo depicts two men and changes the color of the background to red or darker blue shades.

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