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Acer Predator has been known as a diverse gamer-focused brand and line of computer hardware.

Meaning and history

Acer Predator Logo history

In 2008, Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics corporation Acer introduced a range of desktop computers under the name of the Acer Aspire Predator series. Soon, the line adopted a new name, Acer Predator. Some of the characteristic features of the range are the innovative computer chassis and high performance.

2009 – 2015

Acer Predator Logo 2009

2015 – now

Acer Predator logo

The brand has been pretty consistent in its visual identity. They use the same Acer Predator logo for a considerable period. This approach helps to keep up loyal customers and enhance product recognizability. The “predator” theme is reflected in the emblem. While it may seem, at first glance, that the emblem looks fairly abstract, in fact, there is a symbolic meaning behind it.
There can be more than one interpretation. The most obvious one is a pair of skulls of wild animals, possibly animals with horns that often become prey for predators like lions, tigers, or wolves. Even though this symbolism doesn’t appear that appetizing, it still does create a connection between the emblem and the name of the brand.


Predator Font

The custom type used for the Acer Predator logo, which is positioned to the left of the emblem in the primary logo, perfectly fits the shape of the emblem with its sharp horns and acute angles. You can note, for instance, the unusual diagonal ends on the “R’s.” As a result, the two parts of the logo seamlessly merge.


We can’t say the color scheme combining black and white makes the logo unique. Yet, it offers endless possibilities for using this design in various visual contexts. It works when used over the majority of light backgrounds. While when it is placed over the dark background, the default black color may be replaced by any other one that fits better.