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Clarion is a brand of Japanese vehicle audio and navigation device manufacturer, founded in 1940 in Tokyo. The brand was originally named Hakusan Wireless Electric Company and was the first to launch a car radio in Japan.

Meaning and history

Clarion logo

The Clarion logo is a reflection of the brand’s innovative approach. The wordmark is executed in a bold custom typeface with elegant letter curves.

The “Moves you. Connects you” tagline uses a serif sans font with fine clear lines and a bright blue square replacing the dot between two parts of the statement. The color palette of the Clarion logo is silver with only one small turquoise-blue accent. The Clarion logo is a celebration of innovation and the high quality of the brand’s products, showing the brand’s biggest value — its consumer — as the central element.

What is Clarion?
Clarion is a Japanese company that specializes in manufacturing automotive electronics, including car audio and navigation systems. They are known for producing high-quality audio equipment and innovative technologies for the automotive industry.

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