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Alpine is a Japanese brand of automobile electrical equipment manufacturer. It was founded in 1967 under the name Alps-Motorola and got its current name Alpine in 1978. The company focuses on design and development of car electrical equipment, such as audio and navigation systems.

Meaning and history

Alpine logo

The Alpine logo is a custom bold typeface of the wordmark with five diagonal lines that are parallel to the letter “A”.

Clean geometric lines of the typeface look good with a brand’s color scheme — deep blue on a white background. The five lines of the icon are moving up and symbolize growth, progress and innovations.

Blue is the color of professionalism and stability, which are the main characteristics of the Alpine brand. Being one of the world’s leaders in electronics manufacturing, Alpine aims to give their consumers the best possible quality and design.

Alpine has a perfect reputation in the industry, it works closely with such big brands as Jaguar, BMW, Honda and Dodge.

What is Alpine?
Alpine is a consumer electronics manufacturer, which was founded in Japan in 1967, and is specialized in the production of audio systems for the automobile industry, and GPS navigators. The brand is a subsidiary of Alps Electric, a large Japanese corporation, established in the 1940s.

Font and color

The uppercase Alpine lettering from the official logo of the Japanese brand is set in a sleek and smooth sans-serif typeface, with the horizontal bar of the “A” removed, corners of the letters softened, and contours clean and distinctive. The closest fonts to the one used in this insignia are, probably, Akron Bold and The Ruby Sans Extra Exp Bold, but with most of the lines refined.

In terms of colors of the badge, Alpine follows the IT companies trend, and chooses a medium shade of blue, which looks fresh yet stable and confident, Blue is the symbol of professionalism and reliability, and this is why it is so loved by dozens of technology companies across the globe.