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Polar is a Finnish brand of heart rate monitors manufacturer, founded in 1977. The company is the leader in technological innovations of its market segment. It offers a wide product range across 80 countries around the globe.

Meaning and history

Polar logo

The Polar logo is eye-catching and confident. Bold custom typeface of its wordmark gives a sense of trust and stability, and shows the brand’s ambitions.
The italicized nameplate uses three colors — black, red and white for the background. The only letter in red is “O”, it symbolizes the heart of the brand, its most important point. There is a white line coming through all the wordmark, which symbolizes the line of a heart rate.
Logo Polar
Brand’s tagline “Listen to your heart” in black straight lettering is complimented by a heart symbol, which replaces the word “heart”. It adds warm feeling and reflects brand’s attention to details.
The Polar logo is a celebration of simple yet striking design and style. It is memorable and perfectly reflects the brand’s industry segment and direction.