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Skechers is a famous casual and sports footwear label, which was established in 1992 in the USA. Being one of the largest sneakers brands in America, Skechers has its retail stores across the globe and is high loves and recognizable worldwide.

Meaning and history

Skechers Logo history

The visual identity of the famous American brand was only redesigned once, in 1998, and still uses the symbol and logotype created more than twenty years ago, as it reflects the stability, professionalism, and trustworthiness of the Skechers label.

1992 — 1998

Skechers Logo 1992

The original Skechers logo was introduced in 1992 and only stayed with the brand for six years, being more an experimental temporary version, which was used by the brand until the perfect individual style was found. The first logo was composed of a bold sans-serif inscription in all capitals, with the “USA” placed vertically along the right side of the last letter “S”. Above the wordmark, there was a simple emblem, which consisted of an extended “S” enclosed into a rounded frame with come angular elements. The whole logo was executed in a monochrome palette, which represented the stability, seriousness, and professionalism of the brand, making the logo look powerful and timeless.

1998 — Today

Skechers logo

The redesign of 1998 brought a completely new mood and style to the Skechers logo, changing its black-and-white color scheme to blue and gray, an elegant combination, standing for reliability, authenticity, and quality.

The renewed wordmark now featured a custom font with its square bold letters italicized, which adds a sense of friendliness and playfulness to the massive shapes of the symbols. The blue logo is usually used on its own but sometimes is accompanied by an emblem.

The Skechers emblem featured a stylized letter “S” with smooth shapes and distinct cuts of the lines, placed on a white background, and enclosed into a light-grays frame, which repeats the contours of the letter.

Font and color

The current Skechers logotype is written in a very strong and solid typeface, which looks brutal due to its shapes and thicknesses of the lines, and at the same elegant, because of the sharpened and slightly elongated ends of the letters, resembling the serpent’s tongue. The Skechers typeface is very close to the Serpentine Bold Oblique font.

The blue and gray color palette of the brand’s visual identity looks fresh yet serious and professional, showing the fundamental approach of the company to quality and comfort. Though the combination looks fresh and adds a young and progressive feeling to the whole image.


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