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The Chiefs (Kansas City Chiefs) are a renowned professional football team. It is based in Kansas City, Missouri, and it is a member of AFC West division of the NFL.

Meaning and History logo

Kansas City Chiefs Logo history

The team started off in 1960, and that was when the first Chiefs logo was introduced. It featured a running gunslinger with a gun and a pigskin in its hands, and a map image of Texas as a background. Actually, it was the logo of Dallas Texans – that was the team’s name at the moment.
kansas city chiefs logo
In 1963, this logo was replaced with one featuring a Native American running in the same manner as the gunslinger with a tomahawk and a pigskin against the background of Oklahoma, Nebraska, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri. The logo was in use until 1971. These logos were to depict the team’s unswerving desire to reach new horizons backed by inexhaustible vigor, thirst for victory, agility, strength, and speed.


The logo introduced before the team’s first season featured a cowboy running with a gun in his hand. In the background, a red map could be seen. The lettering “Texans” written across the cowboy’s chest reminded of the fact that the team’s original name was the Dallas Texans.


When the team adopted its current name, the design was updated. Now the Kansas City Chiefs logo featured a Native American running with a tomahawk in his hand. There was a white map in the background.


The design remained virtually unchanged. There were also a couple of very subtle alterations.


The Indian theme almost disappeared from the emblem. Only the tip of the arrow, in which the letters “K” and “C” were placed, reminded of it.


chiefs symbol
The current Chiefs logo was designed by Lamar Hunt. He sketched it on a napkin when he was flying to Kansas City.


chiefs emblem
The Chiefs logo was inspired by the emblem of a team from San Francisco, which features interlocking “SF” enclosed in an oval.


shape chiefs logo
Today, the Chiefs logo are the interlocking cherry-red “KC” inside a white arrowhead-like figure. The arrowhead’s contour is black and chipped.


colors chiefs logo
The Chiefs logo comprises three colors: white, black, and purple. They create a mix, which expresses excellence, charm, strength, and determination.


Font Chiefs logo

The wordmark is written in signature cherry-red letters – the club’s recognizable and iconic typerface.
kc chiefs logo