Denver Broncos Logo

Denver Broncos Logo
Denver Broncos is a professional American football team founded in 1959. Now it plays in the national Football League (American Football Conference, West Division)
denver broncos symbol

The current Denver Broncos logo is an image of a white horse’s head with an orange mane and eye. Outlines are dark blue. This version was introduced in 1997. The modernistic simplicity and the horse’s determined and triumph-thirsty countenance creates an attractive mix, which has made the Denver Broncos logo last for almost 20 years. The logo was drafted by a professional designer team, which was on staff at Nike.
Denver Broncos Logo history

Symbol in 1960-1969

Denver Broncos Logo
The earliest Denver Broncos logo, which was used for only a couple of seasons, depicted an American football player riding a bucking horse. The yellow-and-brown player was replaced by a blue-and-orange one in 1962. The shape of the player and the horse was completely altered. Although the new player looked not as relaxed as the previous one, he still preserved some of his predecessor’s optimistic mood.

Emblem in 1970-1996

denver broncos emblem
After the football player logo, the team switched to the one depicting a horse and a large letter “D”. The bucking horse outlined in black was placed inside the orange letter. The field inside the “D” was blue. In 1993, designers slightly altered the horse so as to make the picture more clear and visible at longer distances, yet this was only a subtle modification hardly noticeable even if you compare the versions side by side.