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Denver Broncos is one of the American NFL teams, which was established in 1958 in Colorado. The football club has won more than 10 various championships and has several primary players in their roster. The team is owned by Pat Bowlen and managed by Joe Ellis, with Vic Fangio as the head coach.

Brand Overview

The Denver Broncos have been one of the most successful teams in professional football since the merger of the AFL and NFL in 1970. Legendary quarterbacks John Elway and Peyton Manning played for this club. Denver Broncos have won three Super Bowls: in 1997, 1998, and 2015. The Broncos are cheered on across the United States.

In the first years of its existence, Broncos were the target of ridicule, for due to financial difficulties the club owner dressed his first team in uniforms left over from the defunct Cooper Bowl of Tucson. The main object of jokes in those uniforms were the upright striped socks. Two years later, when Jack Follner took over the team as head coach and general manager, those socks were publicly burned.

Denver is a bastion of impressive stability. The team has never moved and has had 70,000 spectators in the stands since 1970. The Broncos hold the record for most consecutive full houses. Denver had a few bad seasons, mostly at the start of the AFL, but had many average ones. That changed with the arrival of quarterback John Elway in 1983.

In 1960, Denver won their very first game in AFL history. It was a 13-10 victory over the Boston Patriots. And in 1967, the Broncos became the first  AFL team in history to win an NFL team, defeating Detroit Lions 13-7. The first Denver Broncos decade in the AFL ended with 39 wins, 97 losses, and four draws, the worst record of any of the eight AFL teams.

The Broncos reached the very top of professional soccer when the team defeated the Green Bay Packers in the 33rd Super Bowl. By beating the Atlanta Falcons in the 34th Super Bowl the following year, Denver repeated the achievement of the other five clubs that had won the Super Bowl twice in a row.

Today Denver Broncos is one of the most popular NFL clubs and has fans not only in Colorado but all over the United States.

Meaning and history

Denver Broncos Logo history

The professional football team from Denver, Colorado, has been having a hearse as the part of its visual identity since the very beginning of its history. There were different designs and color schemes, but the bronco horse has always been there, as a tribute to its state, famous for its horse riding and an amazing bucking horse, symbolizing grace and power.

What are Denver Broncos?
Denver Broncos is the name of a professional football club in the United States, which was established in 1959. Today the club plays in the west division of the National Football League and has Empower Field at Mile High as its home arena, and Nathaniel Hackett as the head coach.

Bronco horses are considered to be the strongest. They can usually be seen on various rodeos, and are very difficult to ride on. This is a perfect reflection of the team’s fighting spirit and wild character, a representation of courage, speed, and freedom.

1960 — 1961

Denver Broncos Logo 1960

The original logo, designed in 1960 depicted a football player riding a bronco horse. It was a funny bright image in yellow and brown, which only stayed with the team for one year. The man in football uniform was quietly sitting on the horse’s back, smiling with his eyes closed. There was a bold big yellow letter “B” on his brown t-shirt.

1962 — 1967

Denver Broncos Logo 1962

The logo was redesigned in 1962 in order to gain a more furious and powerful look. The football player was now standing on the back of the orange horse. The was wearing an orange, white and blue uniform and had an orange football in his hand. Both the bronco and the player looked brutal and aggressive, reflecting the spirit of the game and the team.

1968 — 1992

Denver Broncos Logo 1968

The rider was removed from the logo in 1968 and the emblem started getting the lines and composition of the one we all know today. The emblem was composed of a capital letter “D” in red, and the bronco horse emerging from it vertically. The horse was drawn in white and had a black outline. The negative space is the letter was colored blue, creating a good contrast background for the horse.

It was a strong and elegant emblem, which stayed with the team for almost thirty years, being changed just once, in 1993. The only difference was in the color palette. The red of the letter was switched to orange and the horse’s outline — to blue. The lines were refined and the emblem got a fresher and a more modern look.

1993 — 1996

Denver Broncos Logo 1993
The redesign of 1993 made the Denver Broncos logo sleeker and cleaner. The contours of all elements have been refined and strengthened, some of the lines got bolder and smoother. The steam, which was coming out of the horse’s mouth, was now drawn in white and outlined in black with no extra lines on it. These small changes made the badge look more modern and professional. The graceful animal on the emblem was evoking a sense of speed and confidence.

1997 — Today

Denver Broncos logo

The redesign of 1997 brought the new emblem to the team. Now the famous football club’s visual identity depicts a horse profile, facing right, into the future. The bronco’s head in white features dark blue outlines and accents, while the mane of the animal and its eye are colored orange.

It is a powerful and stylish insignia, which looks great on its own as well as with the signature bold wordmark under it. The nameplate balances the sharp lines of the horse. It is executed in a custom bold sans-serif typeface in deep blue, with the letter “C” repeating the shape of the horseshoe. The orange “Denver” tagline in fine capital letters is placed under the main inscription.
denver broncos emblem


Denver Broncos Font


denver broncos helmet

The helmets of the Denver Broncos are extremely stylish and represent power and determination with both the colors, used for the design and the contours of the logo. The smooth deep-blue color of the helmet is complemented by a darker shade of the mask, a thin orange stripe in the center, and a white and orange logo with a stylized horse on the sides. The small orange details in the horse logo complement and support the delicate orange stroke in the center of the helmet.


denver broncos uniform

The stylish and bright color palette of the Denver Broncos’ visual identity is composed of orange, white and navy blue, which are differently used in the options of the club’s uniform design. The first, color, uniform has a bright orange jersey with white pants, decorated with wide blue stripes on the sides, with thin orange accents. The white uniform is composed of white jerseys and pants with blue and orange stripes. As for the alternate uniform of the Broncos, it is all navy blue with orange stripes and a white number in a thin orange outline.

Home ground

Denver Broncos Home Ground

Since 2001 Denver Broncos have been playing on Empower Field at Mile High stadium, an arena with a capacity of 76,125 seats. For forty years before then the Broncos used to play at Mile High Stadium, an arena, which was built in 1948 and demolished in 2002. And the very first season of Denver Broncos was played in 1960 on Hilltop Stadium, which was opened in 1925 and had a capacity of only 30 thousand seats.

Denver Broncos Colors

RGB: (251, 79, 20)
CMYK: (0, 75, 98, 0)

HEX COLOR: #002244;
RGB: (0, 34, 68)
CMYK: (81, 45, 0, 75)