San Francisco 49ers Logo

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49ers logo
The San Francisco 49ers is a world famous American football team that has been existing for more than 60 years now. This team has won a number of championships and quickly became one of the top teams in America and 49ers Logo appeared to be the best sports logo in history.

Logo history

San Francisco 49ers Logo history

The first version of 49ers logo was showing a mustached old man dressed in a red shirt and white pants jumping and shooting at the same time under his feet and below his head. His hat has almost fall over. in some of the versions the gun in his left hand smokes out a shape of “forty-niners”. Later the logo has simplified into a shield-shaped crest with number “49” and letters “SF”. The recent version of the logo has been created only 20 years ago and still remains the same.

Shape and Colors

colors 49ers logo

The latest 49ers logo is simple yet full of sense. The letters “SF” for San Francisco are situated inside a red oval with black outline and a gold line on the inside of the logo. This logo has quickly became iconic and world famous. It reflects 49ers passion for winning, their endless energy and optimism for life and sport.
san francisco 49ers logo