New Orleans Saints Logo

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New Orleans Saints Logo
The New Orleans Saints logo uses the same symbol as its home city, New Orleans. The city, in its turn, chose it as a tribute to its French founders. The symbol, which is called fleur-de-lis, could be seen on countless European coats of arms and flags over the centuries.

Meaning and History logo

New Orleans Saints Logo history

The earliest version of the emblem made its debut in 1967. The classic logo was colored black and had a black-and-white outline.
In 2000, the New Orleans Saints badge went through a subtle update. The symbol was colored gold and slightly changed its shape: it grew bolder and more compact.

Shield symbol

symbol New Orleans Saints
The fleur-de-lis placed in a shield shape was used as an alternative logo in 1967-1984. It saw a revival in 2009.


Sir Saint emblem
Starting from 1967 the club has used the so-called Sir Saint in promotion and merchandising. The imaginary character helps to make advertising campaigns more attractive.


Font New Orleans Saints Logo
Although the club does not necessarily include its name in the logo, it does have a distinctive wordmark. It uses a custom all-cap serif typeface.


Color New Orleans Saints Logo
The New Orleans Saints logo exists in two color versions. In addition to the black-and-white color scheme, it may use a combination of black, white, and gold.