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The New Orleans Saints logo uses the same symbol as its home city, New Orleans. The city, in its turn, chose it as a tribute to its French founders. The symbol, which is called fleur-de-lis, could be seen on countless European coats of arms and flags over the centuries.

Meaning and history

New Orleans Saints Logo history

The visual identity of the football club from New Orleans is very elegant and light. The symbol, the Saints use for its logo has always been associated with the French monarchy and stands for perfection and royalty. The emblem with an elegant fleur-de-Lys makes the team stand out in the list of its competitors and adds a sense of luxury and tenderness to a strong and masculine sport.

1967 — 1999

New Orleans Saints Logo 1967

The initial version of the New Orleans Saints logo was executed in a monochrome palette with bold black fleur-de-lys in a double white and black outline. The symbol looked very traditional and elegant, evoking a sense of nobility, lightness, and royalty, just as it was supposed to. This simple yet sophisticated emblem stayed with the football club for more than thirty years, being redesigned for the first time only in 2000.

2000 — 2011

New Orleans Saints Logo 2000

The badge, introduced by New Orleans Saints in 2000 featured a new tender color palette with the fleur-de-lys symbol in chic beige and a triple monochrome outline, where the inner black contour was thinner than the outer one. There was also a secondary version of the emblem, with the colors reversed — the heraldic symbol in solid black, with a white, beige and black outline, with all three contours featuring the same thicknesses.

2012 — Today

New Orleans Saints logo

The golden-beige logo from 2000 got its color palette changed in 2012, with the main shade being lightened up. The current Saints’ fleur-de-lys is executed in a very light and chic gold tone with a black-and-white framing, which adds strength and confidence to a tender sophisticated logo.


Font New Orleans Saints Logo

Although the club does not necessarily include its name in the logo, it does have a distinctive wordmark. It uses a custom all-cap serif typeface.

New Orleans Saints Colors

RGB: (211, 188, 141)
CMYK: (18, 23, 49, 0)

HEX COLOR: #101820;
RGB: (16, 24, 31)
CMYK: (100, 40, 0, 100)


Color New Orleans Saints Logo

The New Orleans Saints logo exists in two color versions. In addition to the black-and-white color scheme, it may use a combination of black, white, and gold.