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Coolhaus specializes in creating unique, gourmet ice cream sandwiches and pints. It’s known for inventive flavors and quality ingredients. Their primary market is the U.S., targeting ice cream aficionados seeking a premium, artisanal experience. The company was founded by Natasha Case and Freya Estreller in 2009 and has since grown in visibility and distribution.

Meaning and history

Coolhaus Logo history

Coolhaus began as an architecturally-inspired gourmet ice cream sandwich company in Los Angeles, California. Launched in 2009 by Natasha Case and Freya Estreller, it started with a single ice cream truck at the Coachella Music Festival. Their brand is a playful take on “Farnsworth House,” and their flavors often nod to architectural movements or icons.

The company’s ascent was rapid; they amplified their fleet of trucks and expanded into brick-and-mortar locations. By focusing on bold flavors and quality ingredients, Coolhaus attracted a following among foodies and the younger, trend-conscious demographic.

Coolhaus stood out by consistently reinventing their offerings, with a creative twist like “Netflix & chilled” and “architecturally-inspired” products. They made a significant leap into retail, placing pints and sandwiches in upscale grocers and expanding nationwide.

Sustainability and social responsibility have been core to their ethos, often pioneering eco-friendly packaging and championing LGBTQ rights.

As for ownership, Case and Estreller maintained leadership for many years, fostering a strong brand identity and culture.  Manufacturing scaled from handmade batches to larger facilities as demand grew, yet they’ve kept a keen eye on maintaining their culinary craft and quality.

With continued innovation and an eye for the zeitgeist, Coolhaus has become synonymous with modern American ice cream culture, building a brand that feels both artisanal and accessible.

Before 2021

Coolhaus Logo old

The typography has a distinct architectural feel, nodding perhaps to the Bauhaus design movement, which the name cleverly plays on. Below the main brand name is the phrase “AWESOME ICE CREAM,” set in a smaller but still bold typeface, serving as both a descriptor and a statement of quality. This phrase acts as a foundation, giving the main title a sense of grounding on the visual plane. The black and white color scheme is stark and straightforward, ensuring high contrast and maximum readability, while also allowing the brand’s personality to come through without the need for color—a testament to the power of its design simplicity.

2021 – Today

Coolhaus Logo

The image displays a logo featuring the name “COOLHAUS” in capitalized, bold letters with a three-dimensional effect, creating an impression of depth. Each character is outlined, accentuating the text against the background. Below the main text is the slogan “Ice Cream For All” in a flowing, cursive script, which contrasts with the straight edges of the letters above. The slogan’s playful, inviting font suggests inclusivity and a sense of community. The color palette is a classic combination of dark outlines with a gradient of sky and navy blue filling the text, evoking a cool and refreshing feeling associated with ice cream. The overall design embodies a modern and stylish aesthetic that’s aligned with the brand’s hip and contemporary image.