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Lidl is a German brand of a food retailing company, which was founded in the 1930s as a grocery wholesale firm. Today the brand has more than 10,000 stores across Europe and the USA and is one of the world’s leaders in this segment.

Meaning and history

Lidl logo

The brand was named after its founder, professor Ludwig Lids. Lidl is a huge brand, the main European food retailer. And its visual identity is strong and bright.

The Lidl logo is composed of a circle, placed on a square, with a wordmark inside.

The main element, which makes the Lidl logo stand out is its color palette. The combination of yellow, blue and red is happy and friendly. It is a very bright logo, which evokes a sense of warmth, joy and reliability.

The square blue background of the logo symbolizes quality and authority, when the yellow circle is optimistic and uplifting. The red frame of the circle balances the wordmark.

Lidl emblem

The Lidl nameplate is composed of three blue capital letters “L”, “D” and “L”, with the red “I” in the lower case, but similar to others by size. The signature “I” is located diagonally with the dot above the angle, which resembles of the man’s abstract figure.

The Lidl logo is a perfect reflection of all the brand’s values, and shows its customers as the main interest of the company. The logo is king and eye-catching, evoking a sense of authority and expertise.