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CDW is a leading provider of technology solutions for business, government, education, and healthcare. Founded by Michael Krasny in his Illinois home, it began as a small computer retail business. CDW has grown significantly since, evolving into a multinational corporation focused on delivering complex IT solutions, including hardware, software, and integrated IT services. Its creation was driven by the need to address the burgeoning demand for personal and business computing resources.

Meaning and history

CDW, emerging in 1984 from Michael Krasny’s Illinois garage, transformed from a modest computer sales venture into a tech behemoth. Initially catalog-based, it tapped into the exploding demand for IT solutions, swiftly pivoting to service businesses, government, and education sectors. Its trajectory was marked by an IPO in 1993, reflecting its growth and market embrace. Not just a retailer, CDW became synonymous with comprehensive IT consultancy, offering everything from cloud services to cybersecurity. Its global footprint and innovative approach underscore a journey from humble beginnings to a tech industry cornerstone, proving adaptability and vision are key to enduring success.

What is CDW?
CDW stands as a titan in the tech landscape, offering a broad spectrum of IT solutions and services tailored to empower various sectors, from corporate to educational realms. Birthed from a simple idea in a home garage, it has flourished into a global powerhouse, embodying innovation and customer-centric strategies to navigate the complex digital world.


CDW logo

The logo features a bold, uppercase ‘CDW’ in crisp white, offset by a vibrant red backdrop. Encasing the lettering, an elongated oval loops around, suggesting continuity and enclosure. This design conveys solidity and dynamism, resonating with the brand’s forward-moving ethos in the tech industry.

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