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The Cathay Pacific logo has gone through around five updates since the company was founded in 1946.

Meaning and history

Cathay Pacific Logo history

Earliest logos

Cathay Pacific Logo-old

One of the earliest logos featured an aircraft in white. The body of the aircraft was replaced by a flag design. The name of the company in maroon could be seen to the left. The lettering “Hong Kong’s discovery airline” could be seen above, while the text “The Swire Group” was placed below.


Cathay Pacific Logo 1983

The maroon was replaced by red, while the aircraft was replaced by a part of an aircraft.


Cathay Pacific Logo 1994

A bird in flight appeared in the emblem, while the words “Cathay Pacific” now featured a lighter type. The design was developed by Landor Associates.


Cathay Pacific logo

The box behind the flying bird disappeared.