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Regional Express Airlines (Rex) is an Australian airline that specializes in regional air services. Established in 2002, it is owned by the Regional Express Holdings and operates a fleet of turboprop aircraft. With its headquarters in Mascot, New South Wales, Rex serves various regional destinations across Australia, including major cities, remote towns, and mining communities. The airline has gained a reputation for its reliability, safety, and commitment to delivering essential air services to regional areas.

Meaning and history

Regional Express Airlines Logo history

Regional Express Airlines (Rex) is an Australian regional airline founded by the late Captain Robert Kregg in 2002. Since its inception, Rex has grown to become the largest independent regional airline in Australia, operating a fleet of more than 60 aircraft. It has garnered recognition for its exceptional safety record and reliability, providing essential air services to remote communities.

Rex’s notable achievements include being the first Australian airline to introduce carbon offset programs, demonstrating its commitment to environmental sustainability. It has also received numerous awards for its outstanding customer service and operational excellence.

Currently, Regional Express Airlines continues to strengthen its presence in the Australian aviation industry. It operates over 1,500 weekly flights to 60 destinations across the country, connecting regional communities and major cities. Despite the challenges faced by the aviation industry, Rex remains dedicated to providing reliable, safe, and affordable air travel options for its passengers.

What is Regional Express Airlines?
Regional Express Airlines (REX) is an Australian regional airline that operates scheduled regional flights within Australia. With its headquarters in Sydney, REX focuses on providing essential air services to remote and regional areas of the country. The airline is known for its reliable service, commitment to safety, and affordable fares, making it a popular choice for travelers in regional Australia.

2002 – 2020

Regional Express Airlines Logo 2002

The first logo of the REX Regional Express Airlines was introduced in 2002, and set in an intense blue and orange color palette. The strict slightly slanted lettering in a modern sans-serif typeface was written at the bottom of the logo, with the first part in blue, and the second — in orange. The inscription was accompanied by a hand-written “Rex” in the lowercase, arched above the logotype, with the “Re” in blue, and “X” with the dot — in orange.

2020 – now

Regional Express Airlines Logo

The redesign of 2020 has simplified the composition of the Regional Express Airlines, removing the wordmark, and keeping only the hand-drawn “Rex.” Part, which remained absolutely the same as on the previous badge, but got slightly enlarged.

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