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Cartoon Pizza is an animation company located in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S. It was co-founded by Jim Jinkins (animator, author) and David Campbell (TV writer, producer).

Meaning and history

Cartoon Pizza Logo history


Cartoon Pizza Logo 1991

We should start the story of the Cartoon Pizza logo from the earliest period in the company’s history. Or, to be precise, the history of its predecessor, Jumbo Pictures, Inc., which was also a Jinkins’ company.
One of the reasons for this approach is that the two emblems have something in common. They both feature the name of the company written over a rounded object (in the case of the Jumbo Pictures logo, this object is an egg). Also, they both contain something edible (again, the egg in the case of Jumbo).


Cartoon Pizza logp

The structure has preserved the same. You can see the brand’s name in the forefront. Here, it is comparatively small and is given in white. The type is playful, with the letters dancing and jumping up and down.
The most eye-catching element is the “live” slice of pizza above. It has a face, with a prominent nose and a smile. The “hair” is formed by the edge of the pizza.
In the background, the globe can be seen. It looks pretty realistic, with the green land and blue oceans.
While there has been some playing around with the shades and the background, the overall look of the Cartoon Pizza logo has remained unchanged through the years.