Best iOS Games Logos


Today the Apple Store has games for people of all ages and genre preferences. In this review, we want to take a closer look at the logos of the most downloaded iOS games. In our top20 list, you will find completely different emblems. Some of them have already become iconic and are easily recognized by kids and adults from all over the globe. Others had a very fast way to the top, and their logos are not too well-known yet, but it’s just the beginning.

  1. Fishdom

Fishdom Logo

Fishdom is a fascinating puzzle game in which the player has to create the aquarium of his dreams. The game’s aim is to collect three (or more) chips in a row into a single combination. It’s a classic brightly colored game, and so is the logo. On a bright blue background, two fish are drawn: a big orange one and a small yellow one. Above each fish is a number that corresponds to the number of points earned for them in the game. No additional elements or inscriptions. Everything is simple, bright, and clear.

  1. Bingo Clash: Win Real Cash

Bingo Clash Win Real Cash Logo

Recently, more and more puzzle games are appearing that allow players to earn real money and even withdraw it. It’s hard to say how many people really get rich on these kinds of applications, but these kinds of games are addictive. So is Bingo Clash, which you can spend hours playing. As for the game’s logo, it’s pretty standard for its name: a bingo card with white, yellow, and blue squares, a bright purple frame with the bold uppercase “Bingo” written on it in white letters, and the negative space of the “O” replaced by a purple star.

  1. Bacon — The Game

Bacon — The Game Logo

An unusual and very addictive game with cool graphics, Bacon – The Game, will help kill your free time. You can’t even imagine how many hours you can spend putting bacon on everything. An unusual idea, an unusual design, and a very memorable logo. A stylized face from Scream by Edward Munch, executed in a yellow palette and placed on a white background to the right of the piece of bacon. No names, no mommy-stars-flowers. Everything is very minimalistic, yet bright and cool at the same time.

  1. Nexomon

Nexomon Logo

The game, as its name implies, is in the style of Pokémon Go. Bright animation, rich palette, funny and cute nexomons. The ultimate goal of the game is to collect a collection of 300 unique nexomons, and to do that you have to pass levels with different tasks. The picture in the game is very bright and joyful, but for the logo, the developers have chosen a little bit another style. The game’s emblem features one of the game’s characters, a cute, furry nexomon with dark gray and red hair. The creature takes up almost all the space on the square badge, and only a small piece of bright blue sky can be seen in the upper right corner.

  1. Heads Up!

Heads Up! Logo

Heads Up! is one of the few card games that has managed to gain a foothold in the top ranks of the Apple Store. Created by Warner Bros. Interactive in 2013, the game hasn’t lost its popularity and regularly receives positive feedback from players. As for the logo of the card game Heads Up!, it looks very qualitative and confident, which is not surprising with such developers. The game’s logo from Warner Bros. depicts the top of a blue-eyed girl’s face holding a blue sign with the white inscription “Heads Up!” on her forehead.

  1. Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash Logo

Cool and bright arcade game from RobTop Games, released as the previous game of our rating in 2013. The aim of the game is to press the screen in time for the geometric figure (at first it is a square, then there are more variants) to fly and jump, overcoming obstacles.  In fact, the main character of the game, the square, is depicted on the logo of Geometry Dash. A yellow geometric figure with a turquoise rectangular mouth and square eyes is drawn horizontally on a dark blue background with a ruled adopted and the outline of a triangle in the distance. The emblem is encircled in a bright yellow frame, which slightly balances the rich color of the square in the center of the composition.

  1. Royal Match

Royal Match Logo

Puzzles are a popular game genre, and Royal Match is one of its best representatives. The game has good graphics, great controls, and most importantly, interesting gameplay. Developed by Dream Games, Royal Match has quickly reached the top of the most downloaded games in the Apple Store and has been in it for a long time. The game’s plot revolves around King Robert and the empire, whose glory you need to help him restore. In fact, it is the image of Robert that you see on the logo of the game. The 3D portrait of a smiling, bearded man wearing a yellow crown and red-and-yellow clothes is on a dark blue background decorated with bright stars.

  1. Coin Master

Coin Master Logo

Coin Master is an incredibly popular arcade game where the player is tasked with building a Viking village and keeping it alive. This online game is loved for the fact that it can play with friends in real-time – to join clans, or vice versa, to attack and rob each other. Coin Master is already at the top of the most downloaded games for iOS for a long time, and it’s not going anywhere, so the game’s logo is already known by millions of users around the world. The arcade game’s logo features a caricature of a pig wearing black gloves and a thief’s mask. The animal is holding a big gold coin and is smirking slyly. The pink pig in a black suit is drawn on a bright blue background, without any additional decorative elements or inscriptions.

  1. Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms Logo

Rise of Kingdoms is an incredibly popular MMO strategy game where everything starts with the player choosing one of eight empires: France, Rome, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, China, Korea, and Japan. Then the entire game is adapted to the chosen setting, in which you have to build cities, maintain production, and, of course, fight. The logo of Rise of Kingdoms is not as flashy as other strategies from our list, because here the portrait of a warrior is depicted on a white background with a yellow semicircle as a decoration. The man proudly scratches his beard and looks down at us from the emblem. We bet it was his expression that was the deciding factor for many players in downloading the game.

  1. Clash Royale

Clash Royale Logo

Clash Royale is another strategy game where you need to level up your players, rescue princesses, and fight with knights. It seems to be like everywhere else, but in Clash Royale there are elements of the card game, that’s what makes it so popular and different from others. The same card theme can be seen in the logo of the game. The square Clash Royale logo is vertically divided by a zipper into two parts, blue on the left and red on the right. On each half of the logo is a portrait of a smiling, mustachioed king. On the left side the king has a gold crown on his head with a blue stripe and on the right side a red one.

  1. Logo Quiz by 1000Logos

Logo Quiz by 1000Logos Logo

A new cool game from the creators of the site about the history of logos is different from others in our rating because it is a quiz in which the player guesses the logos of famous and not very famous companies and brands. Choose one of the game’s difficulty modes, and go ahead, to thousands of logos. In fact, this variety of content is depicted on the logo of 1000Logos Quiz itself. On a purple background with a pattern of light geometric shapes is a voluminous yellow plate with red letters, and behind it – countless icons with the most famous logos of the world.

  1. Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. Logo

Plague Inc. is not the kindest game in the world, because the main goal of the player here is to infect the planet with a virus. The action takes place in a pseudo-real world with its disasters, changes in politics, etc. All the player learns from the news, and following this news have to somehow reconstruct their tactics for the game. Plague Inc. is incredibly popular all over the world, so the dramatic red and white logo does not need any inscriptions – it is recognized as such. The pandemic simulator logo is a dark red gradient background with a white virus symbol resembling a shuriken with curved and pointed ends.

  1. Monopoly — Classic Board Game

Monopoly — Classic Board Game Logo

As it is said in its name, Monopoly is a classic. And the iOS version of the good old board game is not much different, so literally, everyone already knows how to play it. Roll the dice, buy, build, sell, and try not to get to jail, simple and exciting as it is. As for the visual identity of the application, it is also based on its original version and features a light blue background where the gray-hair guy in a black cylinder hat is drawn above the red horizontally oriented rectangular banner with the white “Monopoly” lettering in the uppercase of a modern sans-serif typeface.

  1. Roblox

Roblox Logo

Roblox is more than a game, it’s a virtual platform. You can create your games, worlds, and locations, and communicate with other users. Introduced in 2006, ROBLOX became incredibly popular literally overnight, and its iOS version hasn’t left the top of the ratings for a very long time. The logo of the ROBLOX Game, available in the Apple Store, shows one of the play scenes, with a game character, buildings, and a flying helicopter. In the top left corner of the emblem, there is a rounded black banner with the gradient white-to-silver square letter “O”, the signifier of the game. So one small square badge with rounded angles shows literally everything you can expect from the game.

  1. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Logo

Another best-selling Apple Store multiplayer online game Clash of Clans, where, as in many other games from our list, the player must develop a village and fight with neighbors. The game has a huge number of additional tricks and quests so that even the most demanding player here is always something to do. As for the logo of Clash of Clans, today it is one of the most famous among the games for iOS. Everything is exaggerated on the game’s emblem: the size of the warrior’s face, his facial expressions, the funny squint, and even the crown helmet squeezing his head. The emblem is executed in a yellow and red color palette, which looks very bright and dynamic, and makes the game stand out in the list of its competitors.

  1. Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO Logo

One of the most legendary games on our list today, Pokémon GO, needs no introduction. For several years now, the game in which you have to search for, catch, and level up Pokémon has been at the top of the world’s download rankings. The main emblem of the game, Pokeball, is probably one of the most famous symbols of online games ever created. The Pokémon GO version for iOS also has a poke all as the central element of the logo. The red and white ball with black accents is placed on a background with the bright blue bottom part and the wooden-textured yellow, red and black ornament on the other ¾ of the badge.

  1. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga Logo

The top 5 of our list are all about the legends of the mobile games world. The fourth line is taken from Candy Crush Saga, one of the most successful applications in the history of the Apple Store. This is a classic puzzle game where you have to make lines of the same elements by rearranging them. All elements in all levels of the game are sweets. From marmalade to chocolate squares, you’ll find them all in Candy Crush Saga. The game’s logo is also about candy. Red and orange jelly beans and a chocolate donut in bright sprinkles are drawn on a light blue background with a slight light gradient. The bottom right corner of the badge has a red and orange logo of the game’s developer on it.

  1. Wordle!

Wordle! Logo

Wordle! — is the “youngest” participant of our rating, which is already worthy of respect, because to get into the legendary top five is not an easy task. Wordle! is somewhat different, it is intellectual, it is calm but still competitive. Play with letters, make up or guess the words, and train your brain. The visual identity of the application perfectly reflects the essence and style of the game: the Wordle! the logo is composed of five elements in different colors and one bold white letter from the game’s name on each of them. The central element is a solid blue circle with the “W”.

  1. Minecraft

Minecraft Logo

Another iconic game and iconic logo on our list are Minecraft. Minecraft allows players to create their worlds from blocks. Blocks are the main elements of the popular game and its foundation. The pixel patterns and prints, with which Minecraft is associated in the first place, are also made of blocks. So the logo of the game consists of blocks. The square of the Minecraft emblem is built from small brown square pixels, with the addition of green ones on top. The name of the game is written in voluminous gray letters, also with pixel outlines, across the square, in its central part.

  1. Angry Birds

Angry Birds Logo

Well, as for the most popular mobile game, we think there can be no dispute. Angry Birds is a puzzle game in which the player has to shoot evil and diverting birds at pigs with a slingshot. The game has long outgrown itself, and a huge number of additional small games have been released for different seasons and events. However, the classic version remains the leader among all. The Angry Bird for iOS logo is composed of a gradient blue background with some wide rays coming from the center of the badge to its sides, and a drawing with the main game’s character, the bird named Red.