Capital One Logo

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capital one logoLike any financial group Capital One Financial Corporation wants its official emblem to be attractive to consumers and recognizable.

Meaning and History logo

Capital One Logo history

The American credit-card titan headquartered in Tysons Corner, Virginia, has redesigned its logo once since it was established in 1988.
The old Capital One logo consisted of just a wordmark with the company’s name. It featured slightly tilted extended sans serif for the word “Capital”, probably custom designed. Flimsy serif font Minion Italic appeared in the word “One” which was also tilted and subscript. The first letters in both words were uppercase, while the rest were lowercase.
capital one bank logo
In 2008 Capital One adopted a new official logo. It was almost the same emblem with the only difference that it had a swoosh arcing from the letter “O” to the left above the wordmark.
capital one cup logo
The novelty was supposed to become the company’s signature symbol and to attract people. But it so happened that the new Capital One logo, referred to as the boomerang, was criticized. The company followed the trend that ended ten years ago.


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The logo is in the company’s official colors. The wordmark is in House Style blue (#003a6f), and the swoosh symbol is in red (#a12830).