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Meaning and history

Canadian Hockey League Logo history
Founded in 1975 as the Canadian Major Junior Hockey League, the CHL consists of 3 leagues (Ontario Hockey League, Western Hockey League, and Quebec Major Junior Hockey League) with around 20 teams in each. They are considered the pinnacle of youth hockey not only in Canada but throughout the world. The players of these leagues receive the status of professional athletes and do not pay membership fees for the right to play in the league. League teams provide players with everything necessary – uniforms, clubs, accommodation, and meals, and also cover all related expenses of athletes. These leagues feature players between the ages of 16 and 20 (with the rare exception of local talent).

1971 – 1985

Canadian Hockey League Logo 1971
The logo is simple, geometric, and has a lot of meaning behind every element. The red maple leaf, which is part of the Canadian identity, takes the center position. The center leaf holds a “C”, which stands for “Canadian” while the “AHA” initials are printed in one line right underneath. There is also a hockey stick in the background to symbolize the sport the logo represents. The whole emblem has a thin black ring that serves as a framing and stands for the unity of all the clubs.

1986 – 1995

Canadian Hockey League Logo 1986
The old CHL logo (1986) featured the letters “CHL” in red. The glyphs were formed by multiple thin red bars placed one on top of another. There was also a hockey stick and a black puck with a maple leaf positioned over it.

1996 – Today

Canadian Hockey League logo
The Canadian Hockey League logo, which was introduced in 1996, is rather complex and brings together quite a few concepts at once. The lettering “CHL” in dark blue is the centerpiece of the emblem. To the right, you can see the white outline of a player with a hockey stick in his hands, who is placed over a symbol of Canada, a red maple leaf. Behind the lettering, there’s a black puck in flight. The concept of motion is represented by the black tail the puck is leaving behind.