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Camel is a famous tobacco brand, established in 1913 in the USA. The label is managed by Reynold Tobacco in America and Japan Tobacco is Asia. Camel cigarettes are distributed worldwide.

Meaning and history

Camel logo

The iconic Camel logo was designed in 1913 and o my slightly modified during the brand’s history. Consisting of an emblem and a wordmark above it, it is one of the most recognizable logos in the world.

The Camel all-caps wordmark is arched and executed in a custom typeface, which is a Coffin Nails, created on the basis of hand lettering of the original logo from 1913.

The unique curves of letters “L” and “A” make the logo remarkable and elegant. Executed both in black or in light gray with a black outline, the bold lettering of the Camel inscription looks confident and powerful.

Camel emblem

The Camel emblem is the silhouette of a dromedary, which is a camel with one hump. The animal is looking left and is usually executed in black for typography and orange for the packaging.

The gray, yellow and orange color palette of the Camel packaging is friendly and light, evoking a sense of calmness and comfort.

The Camel logo is timeless and unique, it is instantly recognizable in every corner of the world and there is no need to change anything.