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Buffstreamz is the name of a website, which provides sport-related events online streaming. Here anyone can watch the games and championships which are being broadcasted by the major channels.

Meaning and history

Buffstreamz is a service with a good reputation and a pretty long history. The platform broadcasts live sports games and do not charge for them. On Buffstreamz you can watch all the streams, which are usually available on a subscription basis on official websites.

What is Buffstreamz?
Buffstreamz is a free online streaming service for sports events. The platform does not require any registration or payment and earns from the advertising. You can see all the major live sports games, being broadcast by the American tv channels.

 In terms of visual identity, Buffstreamz does not experiment much and sticks to its old emblem, created with the launch of the service. It is bright, memorable, and recognizable, and works just fine with the modest and calm logotype, used on the pages of the website.

2020 – Today

Buffstreamz Logo

The Buffstreamz logo is composed of two independent parts — the bright and bold emblem and a modest elegant logotype. The emblem is executed in an intense turquoise and white color palette; with the stylized contoured “Buff” in all capitals set over the background with the honeycomb pattern. The letters of the inscription feature straight lines and sharp angles, supporting the pattern, and harmonizing it.

As for the logotype, used all over the website of the streaming service, it is written in bold white title-case italicized letters, in one of the traditional sans-serif fonts, similar to Corporate S WGL Bold Italic or Pragmática Cond Bold Oblique. It looks very professional and calm, elevated by the black-and-white color palette, and evoking a sense of reliability and security.

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