TripAdvisor Logo

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TripAdvisor Logo
The binoculars on the TripAdvisor logo symbolize a tool for searching. The red and green have roughly the same meaning as when they are used as the traffic lights.

Meaning and history

TripAdvisor logo history

The history of the project started in early 2000 in a small office above a pizza shop in Needham, Massachusetts. Initially, the website was supposed to be used as a B2B tool, but it was quickly modified to satisfy the travel community. In 2019, Forbes ranked the TripAdvisor Media Group as America’s Best Midsize Employer.


TripAdvisor symbol
The logo was apparently created in-house. While it’s hardly possible to find any official comments about the meaning of the emblem, some of it appears pretty transparent.
To begin with, the binocular eyes of the owl symbolize an instrument for search. Also, the owl is an ancient symbol of wisdom. The fact it’s a bird (and hence, can travel), seems like an additional bonus.
By the way, the company’s mascot is an owl.

Versions of the emblem

TripAdvisor emblem
In the primary logotype, the owl image isn’t integrated with the text. You can see the icon to the left of the text, which is given in comparatively large letters. In addition to the white background, the primary logo can be featured on green and black backgrounds. In these cases, either the text “advisor” or the text “trip” becomes white (respectively). This transformation is performed so that the text doesn’t coincide with the color of the background.
In addition to the primary logo, a secondary one can be used. Here, the lettering is much smaller and is placed below the owl. Also, the primary logo can be paired with the tagline “Know better, book better, go better.”


The simple and friendly sans serif type featured on the TripAdvisor logo provides excellent legibility.


TripAdvisor logo
According to the official Brand Guidelines issued in April 2017, the following colors should be used:

  • red: hex: #EF6945; Pantone: 7416 C or 2026 U
  • green: hex: #00AF87; Pantone: 339 C or 339 U
  • yellow: hex: #F89B42; Pantone: 129 C or 7404 U
  • black: hex: #000A12; Pantone: Black 6 C or Black 6 U.

The two colors playing the most important part are red and green. Their role results not from the surface they occupy but from their symbolic meaning. In the same way as when used as traffic lights, the green and red show you where you should and shouldn’t go on your next trip.
Apparently, yellow has been used to stretch the similarity with traffic lights even further, while black and white are additional colors making the logo clearer and providing legibility and contrast.