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Newcastle University is a British educational and researching organization with more than 20 thousand students, which is a part of the Russel Group. It was formed in 1834 as a Medicine College and later changed its profile.

Meaning and history

Newcastle University Logo

Being one of the most reputable and renowned research establishments in Europe, Newcastle University values its historical legacy.

The Newcastle University visual identity is based on the traditional coat of arms, which was officially granted to it in 1938. The shield depicts a lion passant guardant in red and a St. Cuthbert cross in blue and white.

The lion is a representation of strength, royalty, and nobility, while the St, Cuthbert cross, which is also called Thor’s Cross, is a symbol of one of the most significant saints in the British culture.

The Newcastle University wordmark is placed on the right of the emblem and is built in two levels, with the condensed “Newcastle” in a modern sans-serif font on top and a traditional serif typeface of “University” underneath it.

Logo Newcastle University

The Blue, red and white color palette of the Newcastle University logo is a tribute to its history and legacy, as well as a reflection of professionalism and expertise.