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Northeastern University is a private academic institution with the main campus in Boston, Massachusetts. This is a large institution offering more than 250 specializations, explored by 3000+ professors across numerous schools, colleges and departments. As it’s a public research university, NU programs are designed to provide a high degree of research freedom. The university has many additional campuses across the United States and also one college in the United Kingdom.

Meaning and history

Northeastern University Logo history

Northeastern University originates from Evening Institute for Younger Men, established in 1898 by the officials from Younger Men Christian Society of Boston. It was an organization, studying math, law, literature, languages, geography, music and other disciplines. In 1918, as the university expanded, and its catalog of study areas grew, the institute was turned into the Northeastern College by the Massachusetts legislature. Four years later, the College was transformed into the University.

What is Northeastern University?
Northeastern University is an American science research institution situated in Boston, Massachusetts. The university has many satellite colleges and schools spread across the USA and England. They offer 200+ programs specializing in various fields of business, as humanitarian and technical arts. The studying in the university has been designed in a continuous research model. The students receive a full freedom to develop their projects using the help of the organization. The university also carries 16 athletic teams competing in the NCAA, and over 400 student communities representing the university in multiple areas.

1922 – today

Northeastern University Logo 1922-now

The university seal is styled as a circle with some pictures on it. At the center of the seal, we can see a lit torch, supposed to reflect the light of knowledge. There are many lines with sharp tips, pointing at the torch. Below, there is an ornament of laurel wreath, and a parchment with ‘Lux Veritas Virtus’ motto, meaning ‘Light, Truth, Courage’. This whole image has been incorporated into a ring with the brand name and the year of foundation. In the outer ring, the name is split in two parts, placed prominently at the top and bottom. The number is also divided into two halves, placed oppositely on the left and right sides.

1922 – 2018

Northeastern University Logo 1922

Another version of the Northeastern University badge, used for almost a century, featured a combination of a circular seal with a bright red lettering, written on its right in an elegant traditional serif font. Despite quite aggressive shade or red, the inscription still looked very soft due to the thin line and sharp long serifs of the letters.

2018 – today

Northeastern University Logo

The logotype has been composes of two elements: the large ‘N’ character, and an inscription with the brand name, featured in a two-line plate. The left bar of the ‘N’ letter has been interrupted by the university slogan.


Northeastern University Symbol

There are four fonts used for the graphical identity of NU brand. Two fonts are used in the seal: the name has a capitalized script with serif letters, while the motto and the ‘1898’ number have a bold script. The sans-serif slogan letters are capitalized. In the logo, we can see the bold name with uppercase letters, which have small serifs. The first letters are capitals, while the following ones have a lowercase font. The large ‘N’ letter has a capitalized script with large serifs. The motto interrupting the ‘N’ left bar has the same font as in the seal.


Northeastern University Emblem

The NU color palette is featured in two main shades: black and red. The seal is fully red. The logotype consists of a red ‘N’ letter, the left bar of which is interrupted by the black motto. To the right, there is the black name.