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Throughout the previous seventy years, the logo of the teams playing for the Boston College has gone the way from a pretty cartoonish design to a serious and memorable emblem.

Meaning and history

Boston College Eagles Logo history

Boston College Eagles, a prominent athletic division, was established as part of Boston College, a private Jesuit research university founded in 1863. The Eagles are renowned for their participation in the NCAA’s Division I, competing in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). Historically, Boston College has built a reputation for its strong football and hockey teams, among other sports. One of the main achievements of the Boston College Eagles is in the realm of college football, where they have secured multiple bowl game victories and have consistently produced NFL talents. In hockey, the Eagles have claimed several NCAA national championships, showcasing their dominance in the sport.

Moving beyond these traditional strongholds, the Eagles have also made significant strides in basketball, soccer, and other sports, underlining the breadth of their athletic prowess. The current position of the Boston College Eagles is one of respect and competitiveness within the NCAA landscape. They continue to be recognized for their commitment to excellence in both athletics and academics, maintaining a balance that is emblematic of their Jesuit educational roots. The Boston College Eagles represent not just a sports division but a legacy of sporting excellence intertwined with academic integrity.

What is Boston College Eagles?
The Boston College Eagles is the athletic division of Boston College, competing in NCAA Division I sports, particularly known for football and hockey achievements.



In 1946, the Boston College Eagles logo featured a large eagle standing between the letters “B” and “C.”


Boston College Eagles Logo-1962

In 1962, it was replaced by a different design. The letters were positioned diagonally, with a rather vague eagle on the forefront.


Boston College Eagles Logo

The 2001 logo also features the letters “B” and “C,” which are now maroon with a yellow and black outline. On the forefront, you can again see Baldwin the Eagle, the university’s mascot. In contrast to the original eagle introduced in 1946, Baldwin does not look like a cartoon character. Now, the Boston College Eagles logo features a noble creature in flight, with the maroon body and wings and white tail and head.

Boston College Eagles football

Boston College Eagles

The team plays not only in the FBS of the National Collegiate Athletic Association but also in the Atlantic Division of the Atlantic Coast Conference. Created in 1893, it is now coached by Steve Addazio.

Boston College Eagles basketball

Boston College Eagles emblem

The men’s team has competed in the Atlantic Coast Conference since 2005. Coached by Jim Christian, the Boston College Eagles play their home games at the Conte Forum.

The women’s team belongs to NCAA Division I. It played its first game in early 1973.

Boston College Eagles Colors

HEX COLOR: #98002E;
RGB: (115, 0, 10)
CMYK: (0,100,61,43)

RGB: (203, 182, 119)
CMYK: (0,20,50,30)

HEX COLOR: #726158;
RGB: (110 98 89)
CMYK: (26 36 38 68)