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Yokohama is a Japanese brand of tires manufacturer, which was established in 1917. Today the brand is known across the globe and had its subsidiaries in many countries, including the USA, since 1969.

Meaning and history

Being one of the brightest representatives of its country, Yokohama has a visual identity, which celebrates Japan and its heritage.

The Yokohama logo is composed of a wordmark and an emblem on its left. The strict clean lines of the sans-serif typeface, which is close to Avant-Garde, makes the wordmark look confident and evokes the sense of a professional and strong company.

The Yokohama emblem is a stylized letter “Y”, which is formed by five parallel lines, composing and arrow-shape, crossing another five-lines bar. The striped lines of the Yokohama symbol also resemble a tire pattern or a road.

Yokohama Logo

The red and white stripes of the emblem is a symbol of passion and movement, as well and purity and loyalty.

The traditional color combination black-red-white is the most elegant and powerful in the branding design, and it also strongly associates with Japan and its cultural traditions.

The sharp angles and straight lines of the Yokohama logo is a celebration of expertise and progressive approach.