Bologna Logo

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Bologna Logo

The Italian football club Bologna based in Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, was established in 1909. Its brand identity has been inspired by the heraldic symbols of its home city.

Meaning and History logo

Bologna Logo history

Although the Bologna logo has undergone a lot of modifications, for most of its history, it has had the same structure and core elements.

Colored stripes symbol

Bologna symbol

One of them is the combination of red and blue stripes. This pattern is used not only for the logo but for the players’ shirts, too. Moreover, the club is even nicknamed “Rossoblu” (“Red and blue”). The reason why these colors had been chosen was pretty simple – they came from the official palette of the city of Bologna.


Bologna Emblem

The logo Bologna FC 1909 uses also sports a red cross on a white field, which is known as St. George’s Cross. It can be seen on both the flag and the coat of arms of the city of Bologna, as well as many other cities in Italy and other countries, to say nothing of England, which has the red cross on its flag.


logo bologna fc

The color scheme has been undoubtedly inspired by that of the coat of arms of the city of Bologna. All the four colors – red, blue, white, and yellow – appear on the city’s crest. The football logo, though, is simpler. It doesn’t have, for instance, the diversity of shades of yellow that the city’s coat of arms boasts.

logo bologna calcio