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Blue Bunny, a renowned ice cream brand, offers a diverse array of frozen delights, from classic scoops to innovative treats. Originating in the U.S., its products have found a home in freezers nationwide. While primarily recognized in North America, its reach is gradually expanding. Owned by Wells Enterprises, one of America’s largest privately-held, family-owned ice cream manufacturers, Blue Bunny continues to reinvent its lineup, marrying tradition with contemporary tastes. As a brand, it strikes a balance between nostalgia and modern cravings, ensuring every generation finds something to relish.

Meaning and history

Blue Bunny Logo history

Blue Bunny, an iconic ice cream name, was born in the heartland of the U.S., in Le Mars, Iowa, in 1913. Founded by Fred H. Wells Jr., the company initially began by purchasing a dairy farm and selling milk to local citizens. The journey from milk to ice cream commenced in 1925, marking the start of a sweet adventure.

As the 1930s rolled in, the Wells brothers acquired the ice cream operations of the Iceland Ice Cream Company. It was during this period, in 1935, that the ‘Blue Bunny’ name was conceived. Inspired by a local contest to christen the new ice cream treat, a young boy’s depiction of a blue bunny won the hearts of many, and the brand had its unique identity.

The decades following saw the brand establish itself firmly. The 1970s were pivotal, with Blue Bunny expanding its product range and distribution. Innovations like the first-ever ice cream sandwich machine placed them on the technological forefront.

Ownership remained within the Wells family, ensuring the brand’s core values were intact. While the 20th century witnessed its expansion and diversification, the turn of the millennium in the 2000s was about modernization and facility upgrades. The company invested in state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, ensuring quality and scale.

Recent years have seen Blue Bunny adapting to contemporary tastes, introducing new flavors and packaging, while still holding onto its rich heritage. Today, under the aegis of Wells Enterprises, the brand remains a testament to a century-long journey of dedication to ice cream craft, maintaining its position as a beloved treat across America.

1913 – 1965

Blue Bunny Logo 1913

The emblem features a vintage-style illustration of a dapper rabbit, donning a suit and tie, gleefully offering an ice cream cone. Below the rabbit, the words “Blue Bunny” are prominently displayed in a bold, rounded font. Underneath, there’s a banner proclaiming “New Process ICE CREAM.” The entire design is in black and white, exuding a nostalgic ambiance reminiscent of old-time advertisements. The overall impression is one of classic charm and whimsical allure.

1965 – 1970

Blue Bunny Logo 1965

The visual showcases a jovial rabbit character, colored in a deep blue hue, poised in a mid-hop stance. The rabbit radiates a cheerful demeanor, with ears perked up, a beaming facial expression, and arms outstretched. Dressed in what appears to be a tidy suit, this playful character adds a spirited touch to the design. Adjacent to the rabbit is a prominent, elliptical backdrop in a vibrant shade of red. Emblazoned on this oval is the text “WELLS’ Blue Bunny”, with “WELLS'” positioned at the upper section and “Blue Bunny” centrally placed. The entire ensemble combines dynamic elements of color, character, and typography, creating a memorable and delightful brand identity.

1970 – 1996

Blue Bunny Logo 1970

The emblem features a stylized, cheerful rabbit head, rendered in a vivid blue hue. This bunny, with its oversized upright ears and contented smile. The phrase “WELLS'” is showcased in a bold red font, elegantly hovering above the word “blue”, which cascades down in an eye-catching, oversized manner. The word “bunny” nestles beneath, with its letters weaving and looping in and around the design. A striking red border, curving gracefully, encapsulates the entire composition, providing a harmonious blend of blue and red elements. This design conveys a playful yet sophisticated brand aura.

1996 – 2004

Blue Bunny Logo 1996

The logo exhibits an elegantly elongated rectangular design adorned with a royal blue backdrop. Atop this backdrop, the phrase “BLUE BUNNY” is prominently displayed in bold, white capital letters. A tasteful silhouette of a hopping bunny is delicately positioned above the lettering, casting an impression of movement. Adjacent to this central design is a smaller, circular emblem with a refined red boundary. Within this circle, the word “Wells” is inscribed in a flowing, white script, further accentuated with a tagline “Quality Since 1913” underneath, indicating the brand’s storied history. The entirety of the design evokes a sense of tradition intertwined with modernity.

2004 – 2016

Blue Bunny Logo 2004

This emblem presents a harmonious blend of vibrant colors and crisp designs. A backdrop of luminous yellow seamlessly transitions into a deep royal blue, creating a refreshing contrast. Dominating the center is the term “BLUE BUNNY” in pristine, white, bold lettering. Above the central text, a graceful silhouette of a leaping bunny is depicted, its form capturing the essence of vitality and agility. Just below the main lettering, a striking golden banner carries the word “QUALITY” in white, signifying the brand’s commitment to excellence. Centralized within this composition, a bold red oval showcases the script “Wells,” with a surrounding proclamation “SINCE 1913” indicating the brand’s longstanding heritage. The design encapsulates tradition, trustworthiness, and vivacity.

2016 – Today

Blue Bunny Logo

The logo showcases an abstract representation of a rabbit, depicted in vibrant blue. The rabbit’s elongated ears gracefully arc upwards, creating a dynamic silhouette. Adjacently, the brand’s name “Blue Bunny” is spelled out in a playful, flowing typeface. The color palette is monochromatic, predominantly blue, which resonates with the brand’s name. The design exudes a sense of playfulness and whimsy, resonating with the joyous nature of ice cream.