Mondelez Logo

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Mondelez is the name of an American food company, specialized in snacks, drinks and grocery products. The company was established in 2012 and today operates across the globe with almost 100 thousand employees.

Meaning and history

Being a huge multinational umbrella brand, Mondelez features a modest yet elegant visual identity, which consists of a nameplate with additional color accents.

The Mondelez International wordmark is split into two levels with “Mondelez” in bigger sizes letters and internationally placed under it in a smaller size.

The custom smooth sans-serif typeface of the inscription is sleek and playful due to the curved pointed ends of the letter-lines. The font is close to the one, created by Denis Serebryakov and called Appetite.

Mondelez Logo

The two bright drop-shape figures are placed horizontally under the letters “M” and “Z” and add symmetry and balance to the Mondelez logo.

The wordmark is executed in a rich purple color, which symbolizes power, luxury, and creativity. With two red graphical elements, the color palette of the logo is a reflection of the stability and energy of the huge and influential company.

The Mondelez logo looks welcoming and modern, it is smooth and friendly and very recognizable due to the unique typeface and the right choice of the color scheme.