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Bloomingdale’s is the name of the fashion-retail chain in the USA. It was established in 1861 and named after its founder, Lyman Bloomingdale. Today the company owns 38 retail spots across America.

Meaning and history

Bloomingdale's Logo history

1861 – 1961

Bloomingdale’s Logo 1861

The very first logo for the famous department store was created in 181 and stayed with the brand for a century. It was a very elegant and unique logotype, with all the letters but the first in the uppercase of a traditional full-shapes serif font with bold lines and strong visible serifs. As for the first “B”, it was enlarged and written in a light and elegant cursive with smooth long lines and curves.

1961 – 1972

Bloomingdale’s Logo 1961
The redesign of 1961 brought the original Bloomingdale’s signature to the insignia. And for almost a decade the fashion retailer was using a light black handwritten nameplate as the only element of the visual identity.

1972 – Today

Bloomingdale’s logo

Being one of the most popular fashion shopping destinations in the USA, Bloomingdale’s boasts a stylish and elegant visual identity, which is simple and common for the industry.

The text-based brand’s logo uses a black and white color palette, which adds timelessness and sophistication to the company. It is a classic combination for the fashion business and looks great on all types of packaging and tags.

The Bloomingdale’s wordmark in all lowercase letters is executed in a sleek sans-serif typeface, which is similar to Avant Garde Gothic Extra Light, created by Herb Lubalin. The font features smooth lines and perfect circles of “O”, “B”, “G”, “D” and “A”.
The two letters “O” of the nameplate are intertwined, forming a stylized eternity sign. It balances the inscription and makes it unique.

The Bloomingdale’s logo is minimalist and fine. It evokes a sense of expertise in design and quality, reflecting the luxury segment of the brand and its creative approach.