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Blooket is a web platform, developed by Tom Ben Stewarts in 2019. It offers students to answer various questions, grouped according to themes. On the website, there are many quizzes and educational games, where users receive a reward (some amount of in-game points called Blooks) if they answer correctly. Blooket makes education easier through gamification, due to which teachers often use this website to work with their students.

Meaning and history

Blooket is a learning-based game platform that allows teachers to create educational games to share with students. Blooket was designed as a teaching tool that teachers can use to create quizzes that students can access in a web browser.

Teachers can host live games that students can play using the ID number, created for them m, or assign games as homework for students to play at their own pace. There are different options for teachers: they can create their own sets of questions or use pre-made sets created by members of the constantly growing Blooket community.

With Blooket, educators can easily transform traditional and at times boring content into a dynamic and engaging experience that can instantly grab students’ attention.

As for the students, they do not even need to register on the platform to play the quizzes. However, having a student account allows one to track the stats and compete with other users. It also gives access to various Blooket events.

Blooket games can be used for a variety of educational purposes, including repetition, extracurricular activities, and games following up on a large topic covered. Blooklet provides teachers with the data they need for analytics. They can track the performance of the whole class as well as each individual student.

Overall, the Blooket platform works simply: teachers host live games with a unique game mode on their screen, and students join the game using a generated ID number. The main difference between this service and its competitors is that it offers several prototypes of the game based on the questions you enter.

What is Blooket?
Blooket is the name of an online platform that allows you to create didactic games to help students maximize their learning in a fun and engaging way. is a versatile digital tool that allows teachers to create interactive, engaging, and personalized learning materials for their students.

2019 – today

Blooket Logo

The Blooket logotype shows us the name, written in a cartoon sans serif typeface. There are smaller gaps between fat letters. The nameplate itself doesn’t have any background, though on the website it’s located in a bright blue area.

Font and color

Blooket Emblem

The font used for the name has a bold style without serifs. The letters have very fat lines, which makes them look cartoon. The letter case is typical for name: the first character capitalized, while all others have lowercase style. The color of the name itself is usually white, though it can change according to the background.

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