Blogger Logo

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Blogger Logo
Blogger is an online platform, which helps users to publish and history their blogs. The service was developed in 1999. Today the company is a part of Google and is one of the world’s most popular blogging platforms.

Meaning and history

Blogger Logo history

The Blogger visual identity is composed of a bright icon, which is usually used on itself, but sometimes is accompanied by a delicate wordmark.
The Blogger icon is a bold custom letter “B”, executed in white and placed into an orange square with rounded angles. The smooth letter lines evoke a sense of balance and confidence.
The orange and white color palette of the logo is a reflection of creativity and artistic approach. The platform gives bloggers a possibility of self-expressing and this is what it is loved for.
Blogger Logo
The Blogger wordmark, which can only be seen on the website of the platform, it is written in an elegant and strong sans-serif typeface, with letters “G” having their tails curved in an old-style manner.